Political Courage Among the Democrats [Updated]

Hillary Clinton, presumptive 2016 presidential nominee, won’t say whether she supports Israel’s incursion into Gaza. My sense is that she thinks she has the presidency more or less in the bag and doesn’t want to take any risks. Hillary does say a lot of other stuff in this interview with Charlie Rose, which adds up to nothing but is transparently intended to make her sound smart. Someone needs to tell Hillary that people who are actually smart–Dick Cheney comes to mind–don’t talk like that:

Sure, Hillary is playing it safe. But how about that firebrand, the new darling of the far Left, Elizabeth Warren? Surely she can give a straight answer on Gaza! Well, no, actually she can’t:

Well, maybe she will come up with a position in due course.

If you want a straight answer on Hamas and Gaza, you have to go to, say, Marco Rubio:

I think part of what is going on is that the Democrats think they are on a winning streak with their childish, tribal themes–the war on women, demonizing Charles and David Koch, accusing Republicans of racism, blaming everything under the Sun on George Bush, railing against the malefactors of great wealth while enjoying the almost unanimous support of Wall Street–to the point where they have become incapable of addressing any public policy issue seriously.

UPDATE: You can’t accuse the Washington Post of being wishy-washy. This is from their YouTube channel:

Too stupid for words.


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