The Nutroots Are Worried, And We Have the Answer

The Washington Post noticed a couple days ago that a lot of liberals are growing increasingly uncomfortable with the prospect of Hillary as their candidate.  (And don’t miss this poll that Politico says will make Democrats panic about Hillary’s prospects.)  Anyway, the Post:

Even as Hillary Rodham Clinton looms as the overwhelming favorite for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, the party’s base is stirring for a primary fight. There’s a pining for someone else, and a medley of ambitious Democrats are making moves — many of them previously unreported — to position themselves to perhaps be that someone.

Right now the flavor of the month is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV directs our attention to this “Godawful” video, “Run, Liz, Run,” that you really do have to see, not to believe (just 2:30 long):

Catchy little tune, don’t you think?  Gives a bad name to earworms everywhere.  (In case of emergency, click here to get it out of your head.  Guaranteed to do the trick.)

But buried down in the Post story is this little gem that I strongly suspect will turn out to be the surprise story (to everyone but me) of the 2016 cycle:

One Democrat who knows a thing or two about insurgent campaigns, former senator Gary Hart of Colorado, said he intends to huddle with California Gov. Jerry Brown at their upcoming Yale Law School reunion (Class of 1964) to chat about the possibility of Brown running for the White House.

“Don’t rule out my law school classmate,” said Hart, who ran unsuccessfully for president in 1984 and 1988. “If you pay attention to his career, you see that he does very unexpected things.”

Brown is on course, alas, to being re-elected by a landslide in California in November, and I’ll bet the Brown-for-President talk will begin by sundown the next day.


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