The Week in Pictures: Negligence Edition

In past conflicts between Israel and its enemies, there came a time when the United States would call up Israel and essentially order them to stop their offensive against Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah, etc.  Of course, that’s back when the U.S. took some pride in its influence in the world, and where American power had some credibility.  You really don’t have the feeling that Obama can ring up Israel and tell them when to stop their Gaza operation.  Maybe if he’d enforced his “red line” in Syria, or taken meaningful steps against Putin, MH 17 might not have been shot down, folks in the Middle East would take his phone callsl and Iran wouldn’t be able to demand a five-month extension of the nuclear talks.  Memo to Barack: this is what happens when you seek deliberately to reduce U.S. influence: you have less influence when you really want it—and when the world needs it.  Meanwhile, is there any excuse for keeping Harry Reid around, except for comic relief?

1 Reid Border copy 2 Reid Border 2 copy 2a Plane copy 3 Obama's Bafflement copy 4 Obama Fundrasier copy 5 GM Bin Laden copy 6 Leg Tingle copy 7 Lerner Phony Scandals copy 8 Hamas Body Armor copy 9 Iron Dome copy 10 Holder copy 11 Liberal Gated Community copy 12 Quit Blowing Shit Up copy 13 Republican Welfare copy

A blast from the past:14 Ted Kennedy VW copy 15 Baboon Congress copy 16 Chicago Guns copy 17 Gun in My Pocket copy 18 Hating jane Fonda copy

Ewok into Mordor copy Japan v Germany copy Manhood copy

Tequila copy Plumbers Crack copy Placebos copy

Astley copy Bird Sign copy

I am told this is authentic:
Karl Malden copy

Java Installed copy

Jayne! copyAnd finally. . .

Hot 167 copy