Was Lois Lerner Transferred to the FAA?

It is quite clear that Lois Lerner was the designated political hit-person for Obama at the IRS, targeting Obama’s political opponents.  Could she have been transferred to the Federal Aviation Administration and no one was told?

The question arises from the peculiar decision of the FAA to prohibit American air carriers from flying to Israel, now extended to a second day, despite there being no new incidents of rockets falling near the Ben Gurion airport.  Shouldn’t the decision about whether to fly to Israel be left to the individual air carriers to make?  Looks more to me as though the Obama Administration is using the understandable concern about air travel in the aftermath of MH17 last week in Ukraine to impose a form of sanctions on Israel without admitting it.  Just the kind of job Lois Lerner is good at.  Wonder if there is any email traffic that needs disposing?


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