A Power Line Pick: Meet Stewart Mills

For the 2014 election, Power Line is urging our readers to support six Republican candidates, four in the House and two in the Senate. You can read about them by following the links in the right sidebar. The Power Line Picks are certified as 1) solid conservatives who 2) can win and 3) in our opinion, can become leaders of the conservative movement.

My friend Stewart Mills is running against incumbent Rick Nolan in Minnesota’s 8th District, which comprises most of northern Minnesota. I think he will win if conservatives around the country get behind him. I recently caught up with Stewart in Minneapolis and filmed this short video, in which he relates how Power Line helped him get started in politics and explains why our readers should support his campaign:

As usual, the Democrats have opened up a big fundraising advantage this year. Republicans don’t have to match Democrat money; that rarely happens. But they do need to raise enough to be competitive. If our candidates are outspent two or three to one, as is often the case, their message will likely be drowned out. So I hope you will follow the links, visit our PL Picks’ web sites, and contribute a few dollars. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford to spend much; if ten dollars is the most you can spare, contribute ten dollars. We have somewhere around 100,000 regular readers. If each one contributed just five dollars to each of our six PL Picks, it would give their campaigns a tremendous boost, and very possibly make the difference between victory and defeat. So please do what you can to help the conservative cause.


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