Democrats: Still Seeking the Bottom of the Low Road

Fred Barnes notes in The Weekly Standard that “Democrats Take the Low Road” in their desperation to keep their Senate majority. Ratifying that judgment is the New York Times, which includes a story today entitled “At Risk in Senate, Democrats Seek to Rally Blacks.” The subhed is even more revealing: “Move to Channel Anger.” (Note: this subhed doesn’t appear on the online version of the story; it’s just in the print edition, which I receive to boost the pulp and paper industry.)

This “news” story has virtually no facts that count as news or fresh information; it is one of those stories that makes the obvious seem profound to Times readers simply by appearing in the Times. Gee—parties try to turn out constituency groups that lean their way. Stop the presses: dog bites a mail carrier!

But ponder that subhed “Move to Channel Anger” a bit further: It reveals that the Democratic Party’s interest is for blacks to stay angry. Which means it is in the self-interest of the Democratic Party to make sure racial discord is a permanent condition. (This also explains the political calculations about Obama’s proposed move to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.) Still think Democrats seek solutions to poverty and urban decay? Maybe there’s a reason inequality and urban decay are worst where Democrats have been in charge the longest (Detroit).

Or try this headline as a thought experiment: “At Risk in House, Republicans Seek to Rally Whites.” If Republicans said openly their strategy was to mobilize white voters the Times would never stop screaming that Republicans are racist. Oh wait—that is what they say anyway. So why don’t they say the same thing about Democrats when they make direct racial appeals instead of an appeal to the public good? Hmm, maybe that tired charge about Republicans is a case of projection.

In any case, Fred Barnes better be ready with a follow-up piece, because that low road hasn’t reached the bottom of the abyss yet.


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