Dueling poll results from Georgia

A new poll of the Georgia Senate race by WSB-TV/Landmark shows Democrat Michelle Nunn leading Republican David Perdue by 7 points, 47-40. If the Dems flip this seat, their chances of maintaining control of the Senate will receive a huge boost.

So should Republicans be alarmed by this poll? Probably not.

Two polls from just a week ago give Perdue the lead by 9 points (Survey USA) and 7 points (Insider Advantage). In fact, Perdue does so well in four of the five most recent polls that the Real Clear Politics average for the race stands at Perdue +4.2 even with the WSB-TV/Landmark result included.

Landmark has consistently found Nunn to be ahead. But it’s the only outfit that has produced that result since May. (And Landmark also had Perdue trailing Jack Kingston in the Republican runoff by 7points just four days before Perdue won that election).

Even so, we had better keep our eyes on this race.