Even In Blue Minnesota, the Left Fizzles

For liberals, it has been a tough 5 1/2 years. The most “progressive” administration of our lifetimes has turned into a comprehensive disaster, especially if you aren’t a liberal hedge fund manager or a liberal “green” energy scammer. So enthusiasm on the Left has flagged, to say the least.

Yesterday I got this email from MoveOn.org; click to enlarge:

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.57.53 AM

I was curious to see how substantial a demonstration MoveOn could turn out against the hated (on the Left) John Boehner (“We need a big crowd downtown!”). I also wondered how the demonstrators would transport a recliner to the Minneapolis Club, and whether they would be able to get close enough to Boehner to “present” the recliner to him. So I showed up.

The demonstration was even weaker than I expected. The local police precinct had told the club’s manager to expect around 200 protesters, based on “chatter.” I counted 16 quiet, dispirited liberals. Click to enlarge:


Do you see a recliner in that photo? No. They didn’t have a recliner, they had a picture of a recliner. Lame. I also noticed that one of the signs said, “Had enough of the Republican-controlled Congress?” As we have often noted, the Democrats refuse to take responsibility for the Senate. Of course, if Harry Reid was on my team, I would pretend never to have heard of him, too.

It is one small data point among many. The Democrats are trying desperately to whip their faithful into a state of enthusiasm for November, but I doubt whether they are having much success.

UPDATE: Walking back to my office after eating lunch–I wasn’t invited to the fundraiser–I saw that someone had belatedly shown up with a recliner. Two of the MoveOn members were resting on it.


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