Fundraising, Or Hate Speech?

It is remarkable that calls for bipartisanship in Washington generally come from Democrats and Democrat-leaning pundits. The implication always is that Republicans–the “extreme” ones, anyway–are the barrier to cooperation across party lines. But recall 2012–not exactly ancient history–when Harry Reid repeatedly claimed that Mitt Romney had gone for a decade without paying any taxes. And was, therefore, presumably a felon, since no one says that Romney has gone without income. This was not just a lie, but an insane lie. The idea that a person can earn millions of dollars and just choose not to pay taxes on his income–as though the tax system were entirely optional, and we get to select our own tax bracket–is absurd. It is, nevertheless, commonly implied when Democrats talk about taxes.

The insane slander that Harry Reid launched against Mitt Romney is typical of how Democrats talk about Republicans. Yesterday, the Democratic Party sent out this email to its members. It was addressed to me as a “Founding Member.” Click to enlarge:

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.08.09 PM

Note the heading: “Project Shut Down the Tea Party.” The Tea Party is the daily object of hatred from the Democratic Party. Curiously, however, the Democrats’ communications never contain a single reference to who the Tea Party is, why it arose, or what its members believe. Not one. It would serve just as well to say “bogeyman” rather than Tea Party.

Next we have the observation that “Boehner’s lieutenants” have raised $10 million. I am glad to hear it, but, as I wrote here, the Democrats are vastly out-raising the Republicans, as they do every election cycle. Money is the Democrats’ chief advantage.

Next comes the assertion that “Republicans in Congress hand out tax breaks to millionaires, pick up massive checks from corporate interests…and then use all that cash to buy control of Congress.” This is the exact opposite of the truth. As happens so often, the Democrats are projecting. The conservative approach to taxation for the last forty years, at least, has been “broad base, low rates.” Get rid of loopholes, subsidies and tax favoritism, tax economic activity equally, and keep the rates low–which you can do, once you have gotten rid of the loopholes. It is the Democrats who insist on giving tax breaks and subsidies to their millionaire cronies.

What is the point of being in power if you can’t help your friends and screw your enemies? That is the Democratic philosophy. Thus, the Democrats hand out massive tax breaks, subsidies and mandates to their “green energy” supporters like Tom Steyer, who in turn pledge tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions to help the Democrats maintain control of Congress. So they can continue to subsidize the businesses that make Steyer a billionaire. Same thing with Wall Street, which supports the Democratic Party almost monolithically.

And, of course, while both parties use cash to “buy control of Congress”–i.e., try to persuade voters by putting ads on television–the Democrats always have more money to “buy control of Congress” than the Republicans. Finally, this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.32.25 PM

I am not one of the Democrats’ “strongest supporters,” nor do I live in the 66106 zip code. And I won’t become a “founding member.” But note that, as always, contributions are triple-matched–by ActBlue, if I am not mistaken. ActBlue is a group of rich liberals, many of whose businesses benefit from federal government favoritism. Most of them aren’t dumb enough to fall for the Democrats’ lies, but they don’t care. For every dollar contributed by the ill-informed, three dollars will be kicked in by the self-interested. That pretty much sums up the Democratic Party.

But when the Democrats’ only mode of fundraising is the Big Lie, its calls for bipartisanship ring hollow, to say the least.

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