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So we’ve now come to the point where people are asking, “Are you now or have you ever been. . .”

A couple weeks back we noted here that a number of the world’s top PR and ad agencies had bravely—no, make that courageously!—announced that they would not take on any “climate deniers” as clients, which, as I suggested, is a great favor to the Heartland Institute and other skeptic organizations, as it saves them a bundle of money for much more effective and truthful public outreach efforts.  It stretches all that fossil fuel money so much further not to waste it on high-priced PR and ad agencies (/sarc).

But there’s more to this story.  Turns out Edelman Public Relations, one of the world’s top PR agencies, fired its CEO because he gave the “wrong answers” to the survey on PR agencies and climate change:

Edelman global CEO Richard Edelman said in a conversation with an editor of Vice’s Motherboard blog that former US CEO Mark Hass was fired from the agency in part because of the way he responded to an investigation into PR agencies’ work with climate-change deniers.

Quoted by Motherboard senior editor Brian Merchant, the chief executive of the world’s largest PR agency said, “We fired the head of our US [division] in part because of that stupid note he wrote, about, you know, how we don’t answer these kinds of things.”

In response to inquiries from the Climate Investigations Center that were published by The Guardian earlier this month, Hass said in a screengrabbed email, “I do not believe we are obligated in any way to participate…there are no right answers for this guy.” It appears Hass did not realize the Center was a recipient of the email.

Turns out the climatistas have been mau-mauing Edelman in a pretty serious way.

Are you now or have you ever been. . .

Logo copyMeanwhile, speaking of great PR and ad campaigns for the climatistas, did you know they have come up with a new logo?  Here it is nearby–a big green dot, with the message “It’s not warming [it’s not?  I’m confused here. . .]; It’s dying.”  Glad to have that cleared up.

It was created by the same person who thought up “I [heart] NY,” which probably took about as much strain and creative effort as the folks who came up with “Oklahoma is OK.”  They even have these cute little buttons (see below) you can wear below or next to your AIDS/breast cancer/#BringBackOurGirls/I’m-Aware-of-Everything ribbon.  Yeah, this ought to turn things around for the climatistas.

Even some environmentalists are not impressed:

Perhaps the most egregious part of Glaser’s campaign is the planned social media push under the hashtag #itsnotwarming and on the website Most communicators know that you never use the language of your opponent. It reinforces the opponent’s frame, and airtime is too precious to waste repeating your opponent’s message. Consider the impact of potentially millions of people seeing the hashtag that sends the message “It’s not warming.”

Look, I know competition for Power Line’s coveted Green Weenie Award is stiff, but we’re going to have to start raising our standards, if for no other reason than to prevent every two-bit PR and ad agency from scooping up a Green Weenie to go on their shelf next to their CLIO trophies.

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