Green(peace) Weenie of the Week

We’ve noted before that Greenpeace is really bad at currency trading, and financial management in general, as well as being complete hypocrites.  (See below for a fresh example of Greenpeace hypocrisy.)  Add to this our notices lately of how environmentalists waste lots of their cash hoard on expensive ad agencies who produce messages that only Man Men could love.

Like these “music” videos about how we need to use green energy to power the Internet, by some rapper named Reggie Watts.  (It’s okay; I’d never head of him either.)  First one is 30 seconds; second one is 1:30

If this doesn’t deserve a whole extra large package of Green Weenies, I don’t know what does.  (If you’re a glutton, you can find several more of these high-Watt-age green rap videos on Greenpeace’s special website for this project.)

Meanwhile, someone has pointed out that Greenpeace, based in the Netherlands, is objecting to expanding oil exports from British Columbia in Canada, while saying no such thing about oil traffic in and out of its back yard.  The map below shows how much oil shipping activity there was on a recent day in both regions.

Amsterdam v BC copy


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