Hadar Goldin’s abduction: The Hamas timeline

The staff at PJ Media’s The Grid has documented the evolution, shall we say, of Hamas’s statements regarding the abduction of IDF officer Hadar Goldin as the supposed ceasefire was to have gone into effect yesterday morning. The headline captures the story: “Hamas boasts about its capture of IDF soldier…then backtracks four times.”

Stage 1: Not only did we do it, but what’s the big deal since it was before the cease-fire?

Meanwhile many around the world, including President Obama, the UN, and Israel, condemn Hamas for capturing and killing the Israeli soldiers after the beginning of the cease-fire.

Stage 2: Oops – excuse the above misinformation that was feed to us by the Turkish News Service ! Hamas spinning out of control in reaction to changing world opinion about the kidnapping?

Three hours later, possibly in reaction to changing world opinion about the kidnapping, Hamas backtracked, now blaming (in English) the very Turkish news service (Anadolu) that they sent the information to in the first place.

Anadolu Agency, of course, is the news agency to which Mousa Abu Marzook directed his Arabic tweet taking credit for the kidnapping.

Stage 3: Well ok — maybe we did it, maybe we didn’t…

Stage 4: It’s official now – we didn’t do it after all!

Hamas now moves from “neither confirmed nor denied” to full denial, and rushes to spin NBC and France 24

The post embeds all the relevant tweets documenting the evolution of Hamas’s story yesterday.


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