Please Help defeat Mary Landrieu

A reader who travels regularly to Louisiana concurs with my assessment that Mary Landrieu, the ultimate political survivor, cannot be written off even in this year’s unfriendly-to- Democrats environment. He writes:

I’ve been travelling for work lately and spending a lot of time in the New Orleans area and I have to tell you, [Landrieu] has the most effective negative adds aimed at Bill Cassidy I have ever seen. Push Grandma off the cliff in a wheelchair good.

We’ve seen what happens when a candidate effectively paints a conservative in a negative light early in a campaign; the conservative loses ground and never makes it up. The Dems have succeeded in nationalizing this race and there is a lot of Leftist money pouring in. We need to nationalize it as well and start helping Cassidy.

You can help Cassidy by making a contribution here. I just did.


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