Media Alert: Bill Bennett Show Thursday

Bennett head copyMark your calendar: I’ll be guest-hosting Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio show this Thursday morning, from 6 – 9 am eastern time.  You can find your local station through the show’s website,  We’re still working out the guest list, but it looks to include the great and fascinating Herbert Meyer, Bill Casey’s right hand man at the CIA during the Reagan years, and who was one of the first persons early on to perceive that the U.S. might be on its way to winning the Cold War.  Although he’s retired from the intelligence services now, he still keeps up with things, and has lots of insights about how we’re assessing the world scene today.  (Poorly, in one word.)  I’ll also have on Elliott Abrams, and we’re working on several other guests.  Stay tuned for an update tomorrow with the final lineup.


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