Media management, Hamas style

Following up on “The Tapper turgidity,” I want to bring to your attention the video below (posted here), picked up yesterday from Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) and translated by the invaluable MEMRI. The video presents an excerpt of an interview with Isra Al-Mudallal head of foreign relations with the Hamas information ministry. Mudallal is obviously an interesting person in her own right. Spiegel profiles her here.

When it comes to media management, Mudallal knows what she is talking about. It’s her job. In the video she explains a key element of Hamas’s media strategy: Hamas deported foreign journalists who filmed Hamas missile launches. I believe that among the film crews Hamas had no trouble with were those from CNN, FOX News et al. Apparently having steered clear of Hamas missile launches, they’re still reporting live from Gaza.

UPDATE: The Times of Israel picks up the story here.


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