More Climate Change Awesomeness

What caused the recent outbreak of ebola? Would you believe—why of course you would, it’s flippin’ obvious isn’t it? Climate change!

Ebola outbreaks may become more frequent because of climate change, scientists have warned, as the deadly disease ravages four countries across West Africa. . .

Some scientists believe global warming—and the subsequent increase in extreme weather—could be a factor behind in the virus’s ascendance.

Well that just settles it then.

Also floods. In England at least. But as the estimable Anthony Watts points out, it isn’t so much that there is increased precipitation so much as the fact of growing population in proximity to flood plains. Sort of like people building on the coast of Florida and the Carolinas and wondering why those coasts are at increased risk of hurricane damages.

Climate change: is there anything it can’t do? No, seriously. The list of things not linked to it is very short.