Obama’s Brutal Vacation

Didn’t you find the news stories about the Obamas dancing through the night on Martha’s Vineyard heartwarming? I know I did.


Actually, I am starting to feel sorry for Obama. Everything is unraveling on him, and there is nothing he can–given his abilities, his work ethic and his ideology–do about it. Liberal commentators are writhing with discomfort as Obama vacations while the world burns. His latest impromptu press conference had to do with the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, which led the executive director of the police union to say that “discussing police tactics from Martha’s Vineyard is not helpful.”

When you are the president and things are going badly, everyone piles on. And when a meme like the president’s insatiable craving for golf takes hold, you can’t expect editorial cartoonists to be fair. This cartoon, just published by Michael Ramirez, certainly isn’t fair. But it is devastating. Click to enlarge:


That’s what happens when the wheels come off an administration.


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