Ohio: The Wreck of the Ed FitzGerald*

Fitzgerald copyWhile Montana Sen. John Walsh has decided to drop out of the Senate race after his plagiarism scandal (why is plagiarism suddenly as common as ebola, by the way?), Ohio Democrats aren’t so lucky.  Their goober gubernatorial nominee, Ed Fitzgerald, would have been better off plagiarizing some kind of feeble excuse for his antics.

Instead, he did this:

FitzGerald’s Facebook Letter Blows Up in His Face

By Jeff Darcy

CLEVELAND, Ohio– Just when it seemed Ed FitzGerald couldn’t sink any lower, he posted a letter invoking his son’s cancer fight, in a blatant and disgusting attempt to divert attention from his self-inflicted political wounds.

Bad enough that FitzGerald’s driven the Ohio’s Democratic ticket’s campaign bus over the cliff… now he’s chosen to drive the family wagon over with it.

Having zero chance of winning the vote for Governor, FitzGerald  sought the pity vote by posting a letter on facebook  under the title “Our Family’s Challenge”.  The post, co-signed by FitzGerald’s wife, ties in FitzGerald’s rough week on the campaign trail with his son’s battle with cancer four years ago, relaying the good news that his cancer remains in remission.

We now know FitzGerald had no qualms about driving 10 years without a license, and now it appears he [is] using an unlicensed cris[i]s consultant.  Who are his advisers… Elliot Spitzer, Gary Hart, Rob Ford,and that Hamas political leader interviewed by Charlie Rose? Maybe FitzGerald came up the idea himself while parking his career at the edge of a cliff at 4:30 in the morning.

The letter stated “We’re not looking for sympathy[.]”  That’s good, because what voters are looking for are better answers and explanations for his disturbing behavior.  Instead, the timing and content of the letter just raises more red flags about Ed FitzGerald’s behavior,character and judgment.

Thankfully his son’s cancer is in remission, but Ed FitzGerald himself is still sick.

Fitzgerald Cartoon copy

*Headline hat tip to Power Line reader Mark Bock.


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