Photo Essay: The Implausibility of the Hillary Candidacy

One of the axioms of modern presidential politics is that successful candidates need to be appealing personalities, nay, even good looking.  This is why we’re unlikely ever to see another presidential nominee who is bald. Does this apply to the first plausible female nominee, Hillary Clinton?  Maybe not, and yes it is unfair to judge a person by his or her appearance, but then it would be a double-standard for voters to apply a different standard for female than male candidates, wouldn’t it?  It may not be fair at all, but I don’t see how this person wins a national election:

Dr Evil? copy Hillary copy Hillary? copy Hillary Grimace 5 copy Hillary Dodging copy Hillary Grimace copy Hillary Grimace 8 copy Hillary Grimace 7 copy Hillary Grimace 6 copy Hillary Grimace 3 copy Hillary Grimace 2 copy


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