Report: More than a dozen witnesses say Brown attacked officer [UPDATED]

Yesterday, after reciting what appears to the Darren Wilson’s account of his shooting of Michael Brown, I wondered whether any witnesses would back Wilson’s version which, I imagined, would be contradicted by Brown’s friends. Now comes a tweet from Christine Byers of the St. Louis Post Dispatch that “more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop’s version of events in shooting.”

I don’t know whether that’s true, but it would help explain why Wilson has not been charged, as the mob is demanding.

If Byers is correct, some interesting questions arise. Assuming that the “white cop killed innocent black for no reason” narrative implodes, will the angry mob go home? Or will it become even more incensed, as seemed to happen when the video of Brown’s robbery was released? Or will the facts make no difference at all, such that the protesting and looting continue until the mob gets tired or is forcibly halted.

I’m betting on choice number three.

Also, if more than a dozen witnesses back Wilson’s version, will Eric Holder and his team of federal investigators (more than 50 of them, according to Megyn Kelly) accept that version and conclude that Wilson committed no crime? Or will they try to hector witnesses into changing their story and/or try to find a way charge Wilson in spite of what these witnesses say?

I wouldn’t bet on choice number one.

UPDATE: From Gateway Pundit comes word that Wilson suffered facial fractures in the area of his eye socket as a result of his confrontation with Michael Brown (formerly known as the Gentle Giant).

Maybe tonight, instead of employing the “hands up” gesture, the Ferguson mob should shadow box.

FURTHER UPDATE: Christine Byers, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter, has removed her tweet. She says it “didn’t meet the standard for publication.”

Apparently, she has been on leave from the paper since March pursuant to the Family and Medical Leave Act, and thus has not participated in the coverage of the Ferguson shooting. Presumably, as a crime reporter she still has sources who prompted the tweet. But I take her at her word that her sourcing did not meet publication standards.