Support Joni Ernst in terms Bruce Braley can understand

Here’s Bruce Braley, the Democratic candidate for the open Senate seat in Iowa, on the difficulties left-wingers encounter when running in the heartland:

I think part of the problems that progressives have faced is that, at times, there has been an impression that there is an elitism among progressive policies that wants to ignore the realities of what’s going on in places between the east coast and the west coast.

But Braley has the solution:

[B]y engaging voters and talking about why you are a proud, progressive, populist and what that means — in terms they can understand — that’s how you connect with voters. . . .

(Emphasis added)

Braley’s problem isn’t primarily the elitism of “progressive” policies. Tom Harkin, whom Braley wants to replace, was about as progressive as they come. Yet Iowans elected him repeatedly.

Braley’s problem is the personal elitism reflected, for example, in his claim that he talks to voters “in terms they can understand.”

The same elitism was apparent when Braley was caught on video deriding Chuck Grassley as an “Iowa farmer.” Braley’s contempt for Iowa voters seems boundless. He has now expressed it at least twice in terms they will have little difficulty understanding.

In Joni Ernst — a Power Line Pick — Braley has an outstanding Republican opponent. You can help support her in terms that Braley can understand by contributing to her campaign here. I just did.


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