The friends of Osama Hamdan

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan appeared on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer yesterday. Blitzer grilled Hamdan about his recent recycling of the Christian blood libel against the Jews (video below). Hamdan filibusters, Obama style. Hey, he was just repeating what he’s heard. Some of his best friends. Benjamin Netanyahu. Concentration camps for Palestinans. Etc., etc., etc.

While Blitzer has been congratulated for challenging Hamdan, I wonder. Hamas and its friends in the Palestinian Authority have achieved great success presenting their case against Israel on American television. The problem with Hamas, however, is not its spokesman’s invocation of the old Christian blood libel against the Jews. The problem with Hamas is its charter and its mission, seeking the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. You could look it up.

Hamas and its allies and patrons seek in the name of Islam to complete the job that was begun by the Nazis. That is their reason for being. Do Hamas spokesmen and advocates really belong on American television? Do we really have something to learn from them? It seems to me that the answer to be drawn from the video below is negative.

Via Andrew Stiles/Washington Free Beacon.


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