The Hannity tapes

Sean Hannity has been on fire during the Gaza war, especially on his syndicated radio show. He understands what is happening and wants to make sure that his audience understands.

This week he has taken his radio and FOX News cable shows to Israel. Yesterday he concluded his visit to Israel on a high note, with an interview of Benjamin Netanyahu. Video segments from Israel are posted here, including the four interview segments with Netanyahu. The four video segments with Netanyahu are posted here, here, here, and here. They can also be accessed on YouTube in a more congenial format here.

I have posted the concluding video segment with Netanyahu below. In this segment Netanyahu speaks to Americans about matters on which he has meditated profoundly over a long period of time. The message isn’t new, but it is striking and, with the Obama administration seeking to cast our lot with Iran, important. Please check it out.

Quotable quote: “For the Islamist radical groups, remember, we’re the small Satan; you’re the great Satan. You’re ultimately the target. They attack us because they believe that we are you and that you are us…and in one sense of things, they are right. We are you and you are us. We are that enlightened, civilized, beleaguered democracy, not without fault, trying as best as we can to to stop the hemorrhaging to protect ourselves against these vile enemies.”

One more: “I think the future of our free civilization depends on our ability to have not only the weapons, but the moral clarity to fight this evil when we see it. And now we see it.”

One more: “I think the greatest danger we face is that these Islamist terrorist groups or nations have the weapons of mass death. Look at the danger that we face when they have rockets and missiles. Now imagine what kind of danger we’d have if they can put a nuclear warhead on top of these missiles. That’s the danger that is coming from Iran. If in this great melee, this great conflagration, this great battle, one of these militants, in this case the Shiite militants, backed by Iran, sponsored by Iran, if they have an Iranian nuclear umbrella, if Iran itself can intimidate the U.S. with intercontinental ballistic missiles carrying a nuclear warhead, then we bring history to a different threshold altogether…It’s not a spin. It’s not a whim. It is a clinical diagnosis of a pathological movement that is sweeping our area but will soon come to a theater near you. It has to be stopped now.”


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