The Week in Pictures: Junior Varsity Blues Edition

Nothing speaks confidence and clarity like having the President refer to the surging ISIS battalions in the Middle East as the “JV team,” while your special forces—our varsity squad—are unable to rescue American hostages. Maybe that’s because we have a JV President. I was recalling yesterday Russell Kirk’s great line dismissing the John Birch Society charge that Eisenhower was a Communist: “Ike isn’t a Communist, he’s a golfer.”  If Kirk was still with us today, I think he’d say, “Obama isn’t a President, he’s a golfer.”

Obama JV copy

Hole in One copy

Bogey copy

Obama Buck Stops copy

Coexist copy

Message to ISIS copy

Hillary Reset copy

Hillary Preventable copy Kraut on Hillary copy

Adolf Hillary copy

Michelle Hypocrite copy

Local Looters copy

Ferguson Media copy B-5 rubber bulletts? copy

Looter Logic copy

Hate Veto copy

Perry Ice Bucket copy

Chaney Ice Bucket copy

Wake Up Democrats copy

Sheep Shearing copy

Draining the Sun copy

CalNev Power Plant Birds copy

Hunting versus meat copy

Manziel copy

Connery Shelf copy

Sisyphus Indiana Jones copy

Elaborate ruse copy

Capn Mal copy

And finally. . .

Hot Beckett copy