Today’s Climate Embarrassment

Well, well, how brave of a bunch of the world’s top PR firms to announce that they won’t take any “climate deniers” as clients:

“We would not knowingly partner with a client who denies the existence of climate change,” said Rhian Rotz, spokesman for WE.

Weber Shandwick would also not take any campaign to block regulations cutting carbon emissions or promoting renewable energy. “We would not support a campaign that denies the existence and the threat posed by climate change, or efforts to obstruct regulations cutting greenhouse gas emissions and/or renewable energy standards,” spokeswoman Michelle Selesky said.

“There may be scenarios in which we could represent a client that has different views on climate change, just not on this issue.”

The UK-based WPP, the world’s largest advertising firm by revenue and parent company of Burson Marsteller and Ogilvy Public Relations, said taking on a client or campaign disputing climate change would violate company guidelines.

This will surely come as a relief to the Heartland Institute, Global Warming Policy Foundation, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, as their tiny budgets wouldn’t afford the exorbitant rates required to get any of the would-be Don Drapers of the advertising world to come up with a global warming campaign with the tag line “It’s toasted!”  The big PR companies are doing the skeptics a great favor by not picking their pockets. Instead they can continue picking the pockets of the climateers.

Most ad agencies all work for the lavishly funded climatista organizations, producing such world-beating spots like this 30-second spot from EDF:

Or this 30-second spot, which couldn’t have been better calculated to kill the climatistas if the Koch Brothers themselves had written it:

But still the all-time champ for effective climate advertising is this legendary 4-minute spot—”No Pressure”— for Britain’s 10:10 campaign:

Mad Men indeed.