Two Wongs don’t make a…

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid apologized yesterday. Not for his false and defamatory attacks on Mitt Romney or the Kochs, but for the putative offense taken by someone somewhere at his slightly off-key “Asian-themed jokes” before the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce. No offense was taken by the group or, so far as we can tell, by the audience, but the ritual apology issued when America Rising posted video of Reid yukking it up. The Hill’s Jesse Byrnes reports here.

Reid is of course a charter member of the embarrassment of Democrats that plagues the United States. There is nothing remotely funny about Harry Reid at work or at play, although his apology (“Sometimes I say the wrong thing”) comes close to being remotely funny. If his effusions were taken seriously, he would be committed to an institution for treatment. His “Asian-themed jokes” are the least of his offenses against taste and decency in his now sickening career.