Want to Help the Kurds against ISIS? Tell The White House

The Knipper

The Knipper

One of our faithful readers, Prof. Joe Knippenberg of Oglethorpe University in Georgia (“The Knipper” for those of us who know him), has started one of those online White House petitions calling for the U.S. to provide immediate military assistance to the Kurds so they can defend themselves against the Islamic extremists of ISIS.  The petition is short and simple and to the point:

The Islamist ISIS terrorists are making serious inroads against our long-time friends and allies, the Kurds. The area controlled by the Kurdish Regional Government has hitherto been an island of peace, stability, and religious toleration in Iraq.

For it to remain so, the Kurdish peshmerga require immediate military assistance–munitions and modern weapons–to defend themselves, their people, and (indeed) all of Iraq against this dire threat.

We urge the Obama Administration to take immediate steps to meet the military needs of the Kurds, as they battle a common enemy, one that has comprehensively and repeatedly demonstrated its hostility to political and religious freedom.

It needs 150 signatures before it will be publicized on the site, and has 30 days to get to 100,000.

You can access and sign the petition here.  Let’s win one for “The Knipper”!


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