When He’s Not Golfing, He’s Trampling the Constitution

Barack Obama’s fondness for the links might wind up preserving the Constitution. Obama asserts the right to rule by executive decree, a claim no American president has ever made. If he really means it, it puts him on a par with his friend Hugo Chavez.

Barack Obama , Hugo Chavez

Obama’s justification is that the American people don’t expect him to sit around twiddling his thumbs if he can’t get his pet projects, like amnesty for illegal aliens, through Congress. Somehow it seems that there should be a middle ground between twiddling one’s thumbs and ruling by decree. And, of course–let’s stick with immigration as an example–Obama’s claim that Congress has “failed to act” is entirely false. Congress has enacted a number of immigration statutes, Obama just doesn’t like them and refuses to enforce the law. The failure is his.

Michael Ramirez illustrates Obama’s alternative to twiddling his thumbs. Click to enlarge file size:



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