Lifestyles of the Rich and Climate-Conscious

Well I suppose there really isn’t much to add to what John has posted on yesterday’s climate farce in New York City. Oh heck—yes there is!

It’s never out of season to point out the raging hypocrisy of the whole crowd. Al Gore was there, naturally—he of the multiple mansions and private jets trips and business deals with Arab oil potentates. (How’s that transaction going, by the way?)

Then there’s Leonardo DiCaprio, one of Hollywood’s golden boys. To say he is a carbon Bigfoot is obviously incorrect—he’s more like a carbon Loch Ness Monster. Here’s the monster yacht that DiCaprio rents from an Arab oil potentate to host parties:

Caprio Boat copyAnd here’s one of his houses:

Leo's House copy

And yet, Vanity Fair somehow was able to write with a straight face of DiCaprio’s environmental activism: “[I]t’s not all super-yachts and supermodels for DiCaprio.” And Politico reports that “DiCaprio, who has been praised by Secretary of State John Kerry for his work on climate awareness, recently narrated a short film promoting the need for a carbon tax.” Did you know that he is a UN Messenger of Peace on Climate Change? (But I thought what was needed was a “war” on climate change—or is that only the Koch brothers?) Anyway, I’ll sure sleep easier knowing Leo is signed up with the UN to help achieve peace.

But the booby prize goes to the biggest boob of the whole scene, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who admits to flying on private jets and also owns many homes. Michelle Fields from PJTV caught up with Little Bobby (as I call him) at the rally and gets him thoroughly flustered with a simple question about what Little Bobby is willing to give up to save the planet. (He is apparently unaware that his smart phone has the energy footprint of a refrigerator.) The answer, quite obviously, is nothing. Moreover, it is hard to make out how anything he says has much to do with climate change. (And notice how grabby he gets with Fields when he gets upset—a Kennedy trait with women I guess.)

This video is about 3:40 long, but I recommend saving it for home viewing. And also playing Power Line’s new Little Bobby Drinking Game: every time Little Bobby mentions “Koch brothers,” down a shot. Just make sure you don’t have to drive anywhere for a while. Or if you do, use that smart phone Little Bobby won’t give up to summon an Uber car, or some other car service that Little Bobby’s friends can’t stand (because capitalism).