50 shades of of untruth

In the Age of Obama we are inundated with partisan Democratic falsehoods. The lies are nonstop and overwhelming. From Barack Obama to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, they define the modus operandi of the Democratic money. We need a man of patience and discernment to denote the Fifty Shades of Untruth and begin the task of reclamation.

Victor Davis Hanson begins the task in “Obama’s Untruth, Inc.” It’s the political equivalent of Murder, Inc. Hanson itemizes shades including “the bald lies of political expediency,” “lies to hide what we don’t like,” “mythography,” “amnesia,” “scapegoating,” and “redacted.” Here is the mythographic shade as defined by Hanson, referring in the first sentence to Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech and then to more recent outrages:

Most of the assertions uttered in the 2009 Cairo speech were untrue, from false claims about Islamic achievement to supposed Islamic tolerance during the Inquisition in Córdoba — at a time when there were no Muslims in Córdoba. Emperor Hirohito no more surrendered to General Douglas MacArthur than George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR were in office when their respective wars ended and they supposedly agreed to prisoner exchanges — or than Barack Obama’s grandfather helped to free Auschwitz. Obama sees history in the same postmodernist fashion in which he looks upon his own past — details are constructed by everyone, and thus truth is a relative concept that should not be adjudicated by those with privilege against those who are using narratives to advance social justice. The result is that almost any time the president makes reference to the past, ours or his, we can assume two things: His facts are wrong, and they are wrong in a way that is meant to highlight his own godhead.

Hanson’s column is a good beginning, but this weekend’s Meet the Press interview with Chuck Todd (transcript here) brought us more shades of untruth including the classic one that is prefaced with the dead giveaway “and I’m being honest now.”


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