A question (or two) for Imam Obama

I have an impertinent question for President Obama in his capacity as a spokesman for Islam. It seems to me to follow naturally from his brief disquisition on the Islamic State or ISIS yesterday (White House transcript here):

ISIL is not “Islamic.” No religion condones the killing of innocents. And the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.

Thus spake the man who sounds like Imam Barry.

Or Carnac the Magnificent. Carnac receives the envelope and holds it to his forehead. He divines the answer: “The Islamic State, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Gaza.” He opens the envelope and reads the question: “Name three governments that are not Islamic.”

My question: Is the Islamic Republic of Iran (as Obama invariably calls it) Islamic? It is a designated state sponsor of terror — designated by the United States. It is also the patron of designated terrorist organizations — designated by the United States. These designated terrorist organizations supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran are also avowedly Islamic.

Is the Islamic Republic of Iran Islamic? Is its support of terrorism Islamic? Do the mullahs who run the show misunderstand the religion? President Obama, wise in all things, help us understand.

Perhaps the more pertinent question is why President Obama continues his hot pursuit of the alignment of the United States with the Islamic Republic of Iran, as though we have strategic interests in common and can be best friends.

(Thanks to RS for channeling Carnac.)


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