Climate Week in Pictures

You just knew we had to do this.  Surprise, surprise, surprise, it seems the climatistas who marched over the weekend were just as big a slobs as the Occupy Wall Street crowd (because they were mostly the same people), and failed to recycle their trash.  Maybe they think recycling socialist slogans is enough.  And, of course, there’s Leo DiCaprio to celebrate as the left’s new leading idiot.

Climate Trash 1 copy Climate Trash 2 copy

Goddard Tweet copy

Ban ki Moon and Lenin? No, it's just Leo.

Ban ki Moon and Lenin? No, it’s just Leo.

Climate March copy Mad Climate Rally copy 2 Red to be Green copy 2 Climate Revolution copy Debate Over2 copy Feminist Climate copy Whit eMan Clmate copy Socalost Climate 2 copy System Climate copy Syhstem Change 2 copy

Climate Conference cartoon copy

And finally, let’s never forget:

The Cooling copy


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