Climatistas Don Their Brownshirts

Apparently yesterday’s rant about the Koch brothers wasn’t enough for Little Bobby.  Here he is calling for the jailing of the Koch brothers, and possibly politicians who “deny” climate change, when all they’re really denying is the will to power of brownshirts like Little Bobby.  (John referred to this rant yesterday, but here’s the tape.)  He cites “reckless endangerment” as the legal cause of action for jailing the Kochs, who belong “with all the other war criminals.”  Hmm: shouldn’t Little Bobby be in prison for the “reckless endangerment” of his unrelenting claims that vaccines cause autism, which every scientific review has debunked?  How many children of getting the old childhood diseases again because their stupid, gullible parents listened to this demagogue?  (Video is just 45 seconds long—hardly time to pour a shot glass for Power Line’s Little Bobby Drinking Game.)