Democrats Are Awash In “Dark Money”

Today, Harry Reid justified the partial repeal of the First Amendment on the ground that it is necessary to keep “dark money” out of politics. This makes no sense, of course, since the Democrats’ proposed Constitutional amendment gives Congress the power to ban or limit all spending on politics, “dark” or otherwise. But, as we have pointed out repeatedly, the Democrats love “dark money,” as long as it is spent on behalf of their candidates.


The Washington Post has caught up with what we reported in July: the Democracy Alliance, a “dark money” group that does not disclose its donors, has become a prime funder of left-wing organizations:

Since it launched in 2005, the group’s roughly 100 members have helped create robust infrastructure of think tanks, research organizations and political support groups, helping finance organizations such as Media Matters for America, a media watchdog group; America Votes, which coordinates the efforts of allied interest groups; and Catalist, which provides voter data.

The alliance does not distribute money itself. Rather, it vets organizations seeking funding and recommends certain groups to its members, called “partners,” who are required to donate at least $200,000 a year to endorsed organizations. It does not disclose who participates, but mega-donors such as billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros, venture capitalist Rob McKay, hedge fund manager Tom Steyer and trial lawyers Steve and Amber Mostyn have been identified as members.

Together, such wealthy players have pumped an estimated $500 million into an array of liberal organizations over the last decade.

Among many other things, the group has played a key role in the Democrats’ effort to pack the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals with liberal judges.

The Post’s article is accompanied by this graphic, which shows the web of organizations that the Democracy Alliance supports. Click to enlarge:


We are living in the golden age of hypocrisy.