Invasion of the Body Politic Snatchers

Forget the pod people of Invasion of the Body Snatchers: it seems the plastic people have taken over California government.  Think of it as Invasion of the Body Politic Snatchers.  Today Gov. Jerry Brown, who never found a goofy environmental idea he didn’t like, signed the bill to outlaw “single-use” plastic bags in California.  Which prompts the following 45-second video rant from me about how it is going to reduce recycling (at least in my household):

Which put me in the frame of mind to recall this Audi ad about the “green police” from the 2011 Super Bowl (hat tip: CR):

Now if you think the idea of the “green police” is far-fetched, check out this story out of Seattle last week:

Seattle Fines copy

Seattle Fines 2 copy

For more on why plastic bag bans are stupid (including environmentally stupid), see my old writing partner Ken Green’s study of the issue from two years ago.

P.S. By the way, isn’t having garbage workers inspecting your trash can and reporting you a potential 4th Amendment violation?  Isn’t there an “expectation of privacy” for your trash?  Where is the Seattle chapter of the ACLU on this?  I’ll bet they show up if a garbage worker finds a gun or drug paraphernalia.


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