Now Is the Time to Support the Power Line Picks

There are only something like 44 days left before the election, which means time is running out to give candidates meaningful support. If candidates are to buy additional advertising time, order mailers, organize get out the vote efforts and so on, they need to have the money now. At this point, with every day that goes by, donations become less helpful. So we urge you to check out the Power Line Picks on the right sidebar and contribute to one or more of them, as you are able. I just gave each one $100; some I had contributed to already, others I hadn’t.

Conservatives are smarter than liberals in every way except one: liberals generally understand that their politicians are doing the best they can. Politics is a tug of war, the sides are evenly balanced, and you can’t always get what you want. Conservatives, on the other hand, often fail to appreciate how smart, hard-working and effective many–not all, but many–conservative politicians are. No, we don’t win all the battles. But if we fail to support good conservatives when they run for office, we won’t win any. So: please support the Power Line Picks, and any other of the many good conservatives who are running this year.


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