Poll: Obama is a flop

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, registered voters believe, by a margin of 55-39, that President Obama is a failure, rather than a success, as president. Among all Americans, the conclusion is the same, though the margin is smaller — 52-42.

Moreover, 41 percent of registered voters strongly believe that Obama is a failure. Thus, by a margin of 41-39, more registered voters strongly believe Obama has failed than believe (even weakly) that he has succeeded.

Historically, the president’s standing is a leading indicator or how off-year elections will go. Thus, these poll results are more good news for Republicans hoping to win back the Senate this fall.

And remember, Republicans can win back the Senate simply by winning the races in states that Obama didn’t carry in 2012 — in other words, states whose voters were smart enough to realize even then that Obama is a flop.