Sharpton versus the Teleprompter: Vol. 3

There is no one who finds Al Sharpton less funny than I do. He is one of the most vile characters disgracing our public life. Yet his struggles reading the Teleprompter on his MSNBC show are a source of irrepressible laughter. It’s a guilty pleasure, but we take what we can get in the age of Obama.

The Free Beacon’s David Rutz is up to Volume 3 of his series chronicling the struggles of “Al Sharpton versus the Teleprompter.” Volume 3 features Sharpton turning “giddy” into “jiddy” and “counterterrorism” into “countertourism.”

The Free Beacon series gives us the opportunity to laugh at Sharpton, not with him, as he instructs his audience in correct attitudes with words put into his mouth by the best writers MSNBC has on its payroll. There is only one hitch. These MSNBC writers produce scripts using a vocabulary exceeding that for which Sharpton has achieved sight recognition. I hope no one even thinks about suggesting that Sharpton try practice or rehearsal before Rutz has enough material for Volume 4.


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