Spencer on the Case: It’s Not About the Climate

We noted here last week that a UN “Leaders Climate Summit” is getting under way in New York next week, but that no world leaders are showing up. Obama, however, is planning to turn up, though that does not falsify our conclusion that no world leaders are showing up. (Anyone want to bet there will be a fundraising event on the itinerary somewhere? The golf game is a given.)

We’ve also noted ad infinitum, ad nauseam that much of the energy (pun intended) behind the climatistas has nothing to do with the climate, and everything to do with obtaining power and smashing capitalism. But the irredoubtable Dr. Roy Spencer (a real NASA scientist) offers up today his list of “Ten Reasons Why Tuesday’s UN Climate Summit Isn’t About the Climate.” All ten are gems, but if you’re in a hurry here are the first four:

1. There is no way with current technology to get beyond 15%-20% renewable energy in the next 20 years or so….and even that will be exceedingly expensive. No matter how much you care about where your energy originates, physics and economics trump emotions.

2. The UN doesn’t care that global warming stopped 17 years ago. It doesn’t matter. Full steam ahead.

3. The UN’s own climate models have grossly over-forecast warming. Doesn’t matter. Full steam ahead.

4. Scientists and politicians have had to resort to blaming severe weather events on climate change. Like, we never had severe weather before? Really? (Oh, BTW, severe weather hasn’t gotten worse.)


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