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Power Line has always been free, and always will be. Nor have we ever adopted the obnoxious ads that you see on so many other sites, where you are reading a post or article and an ad materializes, unbidden, to block your view. On mobile devices, there often is no way to click those interlopers off. We don’t do that, and don’t intend to.

Still, ads can be a bother. There is value in viewing a site ad-free. This is a screen shot of what the main Power Line page looks like without ads, as it will be seen by PL VIP subscribers. Click to enlarge:


And here is an archive page, ad-free:


Is that the only reason to become a Power Line VIP subscriber? No. Over the years, many readers have asked how they can support our work. You can’t, we have always said: we don’t have a tip jar or anything of the sort. We don’t do this for money, we do it to serve the conservative cause. On the other hand, we appreciate a little money, too. So if you feel inclined to support what we have been doing for all these years, and intend to continue doing for a long time, you can do so by subscribing to Power Line VIP for a mere $4 per month or $40 per year. We sincerely appreciate the support.

But that isn’t all! Power Line VIP subscribers will also have exclusive access to a Power Line podcast, which we intend to produce on a weekly-to-biweekly basis. You will be able to listen not just to us, but to our many friends in the worlds of politics, literature and media. A bargain at a mere $40 a year!

So that’s the value proposition. If you would like to become a Power Line VIP subscriber, and thereby support our ongoing work on behalf of the conservative cause, while ridding yourself of ads and enjoying exclusive access to our podcast, just click the PL VIP link in the upper right-hand corner of the site, and follow through to enter your credit card information. We sincerely appreciate it.


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