The People’s Climate March: What’s It All About? [Updated]

The “People’s Climate March” is underway in New York City, with coordinated events occurring in other locations. Tom Steyer, who abandoned an honest career as a coal magnate to become a “green” scammer, thinks the march shows how important climate is a political issue:

I think the point of this is to show that this has widespread support, that it is a first-tier political issue, that the ability to sweep this under the rug is over.

But public opinion surveys consistently place “climate change” at the bottom of Americans’ political priorities, presumably because most people have enough common sense to realize that giving the government more money and power won’t change the weather.

As for the People’s Climate March, this tweet probably gives more insight into what it is really all about:

UPDATE: Oliver Darcy of The Blaze reports on the climate march: “‘F*** the Police’: Communists, Radicals Spotted Throughout Climate March in New York City Demanding ‘Revolution, Nothing Less.’” Socialists were everywhere:


Do these people not understand that free enterprise has produced a better environment than any other system, and that socialism has been an environmental disaster? Actually, I think they probably do know that. The fact is, they couldn’t care less about the environment. They just want power and money.