The Week in Pictures: Double, Double, Holder and Trouble Edition

May I suggest that we all cheer Eric Holder’s decision to resign as attorney general, and suggest that others in the Obama Administration follow his example?  Starting with, oh—how about his boss?  But I’ll settle for Valerie Jarrett.  Holder’s move might be taken as yet another sign that the Obama presidency is winding down early.  Usually controversial attorney generals (think of Clinton’s gem of an AG, Giant Rhino) don’t get out of the way until the next presidential election cycle starts up.  “Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble” indeed.

Holder copy Holder Flees copy

Obama's Coalition copy

Bush Obama again copy 2 ISIS Bombed by Woman copy

War on Extremism copy

Obama self-Portrait copy Obama Promise copy Kerry War copy

Kerry Obama Medal copy

Give Back Nobel Prize copy

Obama Cereal copy

Reagan Bush Obama copy

WH Fence copy

Gore Hypnotized copy

Coal Mining copy

Dear Vegetarians copy

Meet the Press copy

Protecting Bloomberg copy

Halloween decorations copy Star Wars copy Alien Fan Art copy Spider Web Karate copy

Moonboot Season copy

iPhone 20 copy

Limit Government copy

Jayne 11 copy

And finally. . .

Hot 141 copy


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