What If They Gave A Climate Conference and Nobody Showed Up?

We keep hearing that climate change is the worstest most serious epic crisis ever to face the United Federation of Planets the world. At least that’s what 97 percent of somebodys say. And also a former vice president and presidential candidate, who somehow forgot to tell us this during his long presidential campaign some years back.

Well, the UN’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is convening a major “Leaders Climate Summit” conference on the subject later this month. I learn it is called Klimagipfel in German, which sounds like a whole lot more fun, but even in translation it turns out German Chancellor Merkel isn’t coming. Neither is China’s President Xi Jinping. Or India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ditto for Japan, Canada, and Russia, though maybe we could entice Putin to come if we credentialed him through Ukraine. Obama? No word yet if the summit will include golf, so we’re not sure.

Yeah, sure sounds like an issue on the top of the agenda for the leaders of the most important countries in the world.  I guess the 97 percent should turn up the volume to 11.  Oh wait, they already did that.


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