A word from Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers is the author of the message in the adjacent post. I wrote him to ask if I could have his permission to identify him by name. He has not only acceded, for purposes of identification he has provided his professional affiliations with Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital, where he is assistant professor of surgery and a research associate in the vascular biology program, respectively. Dr. Rogers (the “doctor” is for a Ph.D.) adds this comment to his previous message:

The destruction of biomedical research at the hands of Democrats is a story that needs wider exposure. Not only have they decreased NIH funding by 20% (vs. 80% increase for the preceding Republican congresses—a statistic that always shocks my colleagues), but Obamacare has dramatically decreased the incentive for commercial drug and device development. As a result, large pharmaceutical companies have reduced their research portfolios and biotech startups can’t get funded because investors believe that they won’t be able to charge enough to get a sufficient return on their money.

We still have the best research environment in the world as evidenced by the fact that European pharmaceutical companies continue to move their basic research here. But if the Democrats keep control that won’t be true forever.


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