Americans Think Obama Is a Wuss

Rich Lowry on today’s Fox News Poll:

The new Fox News poll captures the incredible hawkishness of the American public at the moment.

Among likely voters, 74 percent of people say the president hasn’t been tough enough in fighting Muslim extremists; 53 percent favor ground troops if air strikes alone won’t work (and 58 percent think ground strikes alone won’t work); 57 percent think our actions against the Islamic State haven’t been aggressive enough; and 54 percent think its “crazy” to announce we won’t use ground troops.

And this is the kicker: 60 percent of Democrats say he hasn’t been tough enough in fighting Muslim extremists.

All true. The prevailing mood can be summed up as: kill the bastards. President Obama tried to stay abreast of public opinion by bombing ISIL but assuring the world that there would never be grounds troops in action–even as there were, already, ground troops in action–but it appears that he underestimated the public’s hawkish trend.

That shouldn’t be a surprise. As Scott noted earlier today, presidential candidate Obama sent a messenger to Iran to assure the mullahs that he would be their friend. Being tough on Islamic terrorism, of which Iran has long been the chief international sponsor, has been the farthest thing from his mind.

Meanwhile, what’s a Democrat to do? It’s hard to keep up! A reader writes:

Wait until there are helicopters on the roof…in Kabul or Baghdad. Or, worse, the first “adviser” is captured by ISIL.

The slitherers are the worst: “The people are for the Iraq War, so I am for the Iraq War. Oh, wait…NOW the people are against the Iraq War so I am against the Iraq War that I was for before I was against. Because Bush lied.

But now, the people are for the ISIL war so I am for the ISIL war! I’ll look up the arguments later…”

Not quite all prominent Democrats qualify as “slitherers,” but most do.


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