Breaking: Something Up in Norkland?

Is there some kind of power struggle or coup going on in North Korea?  The Daily Mail is reporting today that Pyongyang is on “lockdown,” that Little Kim (as I call him) hasn’t been seen in public for almost a month, and that perhaps his sister (I’ll call her “Little Kim” too, because chauvinism) is actually running the country, or may have been running it for some time.  “Gateway Pundit” Jim Hoft has a rundown.

Virtually nothing about this in the U.S. media.  Right now the only current U.S. story is this ABC News report about Nork fashion.  (“Darling, you look fabulous in that new orange prison camp jumper. . .”)  Likely our CIA will be the last to know.  If this story pans out I can’t wait to see how Obama doesn’t handle it.


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