Dems keep it creepy, part 2

In this edition of Dems Keep It Creepy, cretinous Democratic male candidates are featured disparaging their female Republican opponents. One of the featured candidates is Aaron Wolf, the Democratic opponent of Power Line Pick Elise Stefanik. Ms. Stefanik is going to have the last laugh when she is elected to Congress from her upstate New York district next Tuesday. The other ladies who take the abuse these cretins are dishing out should also prevail.

The men’s boorish behavior is of course encouraged by the immunity they are accorded by the Democrats’ mainstream media adjunct. The Democrats’ fabricated “war on women” provides handy cover for these boors. In the meantime, the Democrats’ exploitation of the ignorant and the misinformed continues.

The video was prepared by the Republican National Committee and is online only. Ashe Schow covers it for the Washington Examiner here. It is posted online by the RNC here.

Via Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit.


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