DHS: ISIS not here (updated)

Yesterday I noted Rep. Duncan Hunter’s statement that 10 ISIS members of some kind had been apprehended at the border crossing into Texas. The New Republic’s Danny Vinik contacted DHS to ask for a comment. Vinik reports:

“The suggestion that individuals who have ties to ISIL have been apprehended at the Southwest border is categorically false, and not supported by any credible intelligence or the facts on the ground,” said DHS spokesperson Marsha Catron. “DHS continues to have no credible intelligence to suggest terrorist organizations are actively plotting to cross the southwest border.”

Vinik later added a response from Rep. Hunter:

Hunter isn’t backing off his comments, claiming they came from a “high-level source” at DHS.”The Congressman was conveying what he knows—and what he was told,” Hunter’s spokesperson told The Huffington Post. “And as for DHS’ statement, it makes sense that the left hand of DHS doesn’t know what the right hand is doing—it’s been that way for a long time and we don’t expect that to change. No surprise there.”

I have updated yesterday’s post but want to make sure that readers who saw it also see these statements.

ONE MORE: On CNN DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson also contributed his own denial.

AND THIS JUST IN: “Report: 4 Islamic terrorists found in Texas in last 36 hours.”


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