Give the Gift of Power Line VIP

If you haven’t noticed the little box in the upper right-hand corner of the page, you should check it out. That’s where you go to subscribe to Power Line VIP.

Don’t worry: Power Line has always been free, and always will be. Nor have we ever adopted the obnoxious ads that you see on so many other sites, where you are reading a post or article and an ad materializes, unbidden, to block your view. On mobile devices, there often is no way to click those interlopers off. We don’t do that, and don’t intend to.

Still, ads can be a bother. There is value in viewing a site ad-free. This is a screen shot of what the main Power Line page looks like without ads, as it is seen by PL VIP subscribers. Click to enlarge:


Plus, we soon will unveil the Power Line Podcast, available only to VIPs. Except, of course, to the extent that we may post especially noteworthy interviews on the main page.

So if there is someone in your life who would benefit from reading Power Line–ad-free!–you now can give a VIP subscription a a gift. Or suppose you have 80 employees, and want to do them all a favor. You can buy all of them a VIP subscription. Just go here, select a pricing option, and plug in your email address and the recipient’s email address. That’s all it takes to deliver Power Line to a friend, a family member–maybe an in-law who votes for Democrats out of sheer ignorance–for a year. Or, of course, you can always sign up for Power Line VIP for yourself. We hope you will!


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