Greg Abbott Strikes Back [Updated With Latest Davis Fiasco]

We wrote here about Wendy Davis’s disgusting anti-Greg Abbott wheel chair ad. The Davis commercial has been almost universally condemned, and this morning, the Abbott campaign struck back with this ad, titled “Lost Cause.” Which, at this point, the Davis campaign appears to be.

It should be noted that the dumbest feature of Davis’s ad was its assumption that since Abbott is disabled, he must always, as a lawyer or judge, side with a disabled person, regardless of the merits of the case. Such reasoning is childish at best, but sadly typical of the Democratic Party.

UPDATE: It appears that a Republican mole may be in control of Wendy Davis’s campaign. Not only has she not backed off on her appalling ad, she held a press conference this morning surrounded by people in wheel chairs. Seriously. Here is the photo to prove it:


It’s one thing to lose, another to humiliate yourself, as Davis has done repeatedly.


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